One of the greatest tragedies to face America is the lack of ethics which has infected far too many members of the academic community.

We are blessed with thousands of citizens who have earned the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Medicine, which is not only a great achievement, but a great honor as well.

Why then do so many of our nation’s most learned academicians and intellectuals sell their very souls to unethical mega-corporations and the government agencies which they control through their purchase of puppet politicians?

Over the years we have witnessed scientists and medical professionals swear that smoking is not related to lung cancer.

We have witnessed dieticians and medical professionals extol the virtues of gorging for a life-time on junk food.

I have personally witnessed in horror and disbelief as scientists under contract with the timber industry controlled U.S. Forest Service, swore under oath that clear-cutting, bulldozing, and even napalming was not harmful to our National Forests or the endangered species therein. How could any patriotic American sell his very soul for $400.00 per hour, to aid and abet the destruction of what is left of “America the Beautiful”? 

One of our greatest strengths in America is the search for truth in our halls of academia, yet many of our brightest minds have become ACADEMIC WHORES, who will distort data and lie under oath, for money. Their love of money transcends both truth and justice. Others whore themselves out because of coercion or fear of being unemployed for their academic whore bosses will terminate them if they contradict their lies. They simply do not have the guts to stand up for America and for the future health and welfare of present and future generations.

Academic whores are like schoolyard bullies. If the majority of America’s academicians and physicians would present a united front against lies and deception, the academic whores would be exposed and would lose their credibility and thus their ability to do further harm to America and her citizens.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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